Paradim shift: Romance Affairs, behind the scenes of the future featured stopmotion

These are the puppets ive been working on the past few weeks, for a short stop-motion im working on for my thesis, so as its still in production, i thought i would update on what ive got going on, and playing dolls in between "work" time. More to come soon!


Strangers on a Train: A Hitchcock Tribute: Directed By Alexandra Branger

The Film! click here to watch!


Hello everyone, i have been absent recently, working on a few projects with the Broom Factory, and some installtions at the Baachus, as well as school projects, and above here, is one of them. You can see the film followed by its initial storyboards, that helped frame the shoot. Its a tribute to Alfred Hitchcocks film, Strangers on a Train, this time staring Jacquline Perez as Guy Haines, and Aaron Needham as Bruno Anthony. A big thanks goes to Dustin Garcia, an AMAZING animator, and story teller as well as editor, who helped me out big time in editing this footage. As well as my other two roommates, Micheal Rooster Uphoff, and Jesse Dotson, all of which live together in the broom factory, in our ready made Broom Factory Production House.


Helios Inquiry// The First Steps

The beginning experiments are what lead to the final product of the Helios Inquiry. A light expedition, a luminescent transformation from the hands of man, technology made by man to paint not with hands but by the mixtures and the glamor of RGB. A color pallet, lowering the mote so you can walk into the house of freedom by painting the room, your body, your objects by light, and light alone. A psychedelic fever. See for your self, and do not be afraid to go all the way.

Virtual Comfort: Presenting//Mr. Fox Ladies & Gentlemen

Mr. Fox, is the slouch couch that is a virtual interpretation of a prototype of a chair that forms to the body of the being that it encapsulates within it.

Metroplistic Fetal Cosmos

StealtheWood Obra

Materials: Walnut Wood & Stainless welded Steel caps & hand carved red rectangular candles.

My Boy Lollipop

Materials: 2x4 wood transformed into a 4 ft. tall 
[up to  scale] replica of a Blow Pop

The Things I Make: Hats

The Austin Wierd//Space12 & More of the Uncommon of Uncommon Objects

Welcome To Your Space:    space12

Our hope is that through our community space, ideas to share spaces will be renewed, voices both young and old will be heard, time will be well spent and spent together, and all can feel welcome to collaborate towards genuine community.


Beware Thy Weary, For The Haunted Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX

Ghost Stories:
As the story goes, some people say that the Driskill is among the most haunted hotel in the United States. The spirit of a young girl bouncing a ball is believed to haunt the lobby of the first floor lobby. The second floor ladies' restroom and the staircase to the mezzanine. The girl is believed to be the spirit of the daughter of a Senator who fell to her death down the hotel's grand staircase while chasing a ball. Today guests report hearing the sound of laughter and a ball bouncing down the staircase. According to Austin Ghost Tours, the original owner loved the hotel so much that his spirit remains on the property. Driskill's presence is accompanied by cigar smoke. It is believed they the ghost turns bathroom lights on and off. 
The ghost called the "Houston Bride" is the tragic tale of sorrow after the woman's fiance called off wedding plans at the last moment, in the 1990's. The woman stayed in room 29 and helped herself to her fiance's credit cards. She went on a shopping spree, and was last seen on the elevator of the fourth floor with arms full of packages. Three days later her body was discovered. She had committed suicide by shooting herself in the stomach.

Late one night, two women who wanted to see a ghost decided to stop on the fourth floor and look around. The fourth floor was undergoing restoration and the halls were lined with plastic. They decided it was not a good idea to wander around and returned to the elevator. A young woman stepped out with her arms full of bags and packages. She walked past them without a word and headed to room 29. The women asked her if the restoration bothered her and she replied that it was not bothering her. The next morning the clerk showed them the room, which had been taken apart for the restoration.

When in Texas, The AMOA [Austin Museum of Art]

In the roundabouts of Austin, we entered upon Austins Museum of Art. The current show was with the works of Chris Jordan: Running The Numbers. As well as showcasing a few collection selections from various artists.

*Detail depicts the amount of kilowatt hours of electrcity wasted in the United States every minute by inefficient energy use.
Chris Jordan
, Lightbulbs, 2008, Pigmented ink-jet print, 72 x 96 inches (detail), Courtesy of the Artist

Where The Land Is Grand In The Good Ol Parts of Southern Austin, Tx

 So, I recently took a southern expedition to roam in the wide valleys  of Austin, TX where the world does seem a lot bigger, much of a culture shock coming from the City of Los Angeles to the simple and sweet country side. It was a 10 day road trip, and many long one way highways and going the wrong way down a one way road. Photos posted are my way of sending the marks of Austin to your front door, explore and enjoy.