Helios Inquiry// The First Steps

The beginning experiments are what lead to the final product of the Helios Inquiry. A light expedition, a luminescent transformation from the hands of man, technology made by man to paint not with hands but by the mixtures and the glamor of RGB. A color pallet, lowering the mote so you can walk into the house of freedom by painting the room, your body, your objects by light, and light alone. A psychedelic fever. See for your self, and do not be afraid to go all the way.

This is what the 2nd step came to be. Lights off.
This inspired the take off for the LED experimentation. It began with the play of my personal household relics.

The start of production for the main attraction.



Flip the switch:: Lights//Camera//Lights!

The apartment ceiling reflecting the shadows created by the gears and color mixture of the lights



Painting the body with lights


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