Strangers on a Train: A Hitchcock Tribute: Directed By Alexandra Branger

The Film! click here to watch!


Hello everyone, i have been absent recently, working on a few projects with the Broom Factory, and some installtions at the Baachus, as well as school projects, and above here, is one of them. You can see the film followed by its initial storyboards, that helped frame the shoot. Its a tribute to Alfred Hitchcocks film, Strangers on a Train, this time staring Jacquline Perez as Guy Haines, and Aaron Needham as Bruno Anthony. A big thanks goes to Dustin Garcia, an AMAZING animator, and story teller as well as editor, who helped me out big time in editing this footage. As well as my other two roommates, Micheal Rooster Uphoff, and Jesse Dotson, all of which live together in the broom factory, in our ready made Broom Factory Production House.

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